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SCR Solid State Element Controller
Temperature control can be as simple as a capillary tube thermostat like an oven thermostat where you have a dial for the setting and it just turns on and off. Or your temp control may need to be more accurate with require better resolution where we can offer a digital control that has a digital temperature read out and a digital control set point.
Digital Temp control of Tank Heaters
There are a number of choices in electronic digital read out temperature controller from many different brands like, Shenko, Jumo, RKC, Omron, Tiger, however sometimes it may be more advantages to have some control logic about the temperature controls and utilise a smart relay like those from for example Siemens Logo, Moeller Easy, Schneider Telemecanique Zelio, etc. No need to worry about what equipment to select we can do that for you, the main issue is you get the temperature control you need.
Standard Digital Temperature Control Boxes

Temperature control can be fickle, in most cases it will be dependant on the thermal dynamics of the product to be controlled, the amount of energy you have and the vessel to which the temperature control resides.

From simple temperature control of liquid in a tank to vessels with slow thermal dynamics we can tailor a temp controller to do the job.

PID Temperature control of furnaces, ovens and similar vessels with unique thermal dynamics can be difficult when the element is separate from the space where the product is to be heated or cooled. When the lower or upper temperature extremes are far from the soak or cooking temperature you can get bad overshooting of your temperature range and excessive temperatures in the element space that can shorten element life.

Anzec Electrical has implemented several successful PLC controls for the accurate temperature control utilising the PID loop controls in the PLC. We have additional logic to monitor the critical areas relevant to each application that ensures the PI loop control stays with the engineering and works in sync with the thermal limits of the vessel.

We can hard code the set points in the PLC program code or we can provide a user interface screen to access these set points for fine tuning. From a basic HMI screen to a full blown Citect SCADA running on a PC with trending and trend history, we can tailor a solution to give you as much or as little as you need depending on your budget.