Electric Induction Motor Control

Anzec Electrical Services preferred work is industrial. We have over 20 years experience in electric motor control from circuit design, component selection, control panel manufacture, PLC & HMI programming, installation, commissioning, alterations, fault finding and repairs.

From old style relay logic to the new programmable smart relays we can tailor a pump and motor control package to suit the application or more importantly to suit your worker's skill level, so that they are able to maintain it, easily trace faults and add to it in the future.

Electrical control panel design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning & installation

  • Motor control panels.
  • PLC panels
  • Operator control panels
  • Machine operator control desk
Programmable Logic Controllers [PLC] and Human Machine Interface [HMI operator controls] development to interface with your electric motor controlled machine; stand alone or networked plant.
  • Retrofitting old plant or machinery
  • New Design and Development work
  • Personal Computer operator interfaces
  • Local operator control stations – e.g. Touch Screens
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems. [SCADA]

Video 1 ~ Typical rural water tank pump control for house or building 
Rural water pumping application service call alterations to existing pump control. Video shows how a typical rural house or building in Australia uses a pressure switch to maintain plumbing water pressure by turning the pump on and off. Explanation of component parts.
Control system fixed by Anzec Electrical Services in Bayswater, VIC Australia. Electrical contractors, contract services.
Video 2 ~ Rural water tank pump installation tips
Installation tips to make your equipment last longer and give you minimal problems
Remember the best way to make your equiment to last is to keep the weather off it, no matter if it is electrical or mechanical equipment.