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PLC Programming, HMI software, graphical user interface, SCADA programming and commissioning.
Anzec can design a software controlled, automated system from scratch, alter your existing machinery and plant controls or build a new control system to your specification.

We have built and designed complete automated systems from something as simple as an A3 mechanical drawing and a wish list of components and controllability.

We have enough experience to tell you what level of PLC or PC equipment you need to have based on what you need the machine to do. You do not need to worry yourself about the technology we will take care of that however you do need to be aware that price driven companies will offer equipment that makes their quote cheap but you may not end up with the proper efficiencies you can gain from products that give you the flexibility to tailor your machine automation.

From simple programmable smart relays and shoe box PLC, rack systems with remote I/O on Ethernet, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus or Modbus communication to more sophisticated automation control with a monitoring PC running Citect SCADA HMI software, we can tailor a package to suit your budget.
Programmable Logic Controllers & Human Machine Interface software programming services
[PLC & HMI operator controls]
    • Retrofitting old plant or machinery
    • New Design and Development work
    • Personal Computer operator interfaces
    • Local operator control stations – e.g. Touch Screens
    • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems. [S.C.A.D.A.]
Anzec can program a wide variety of PLC products for example, Rockwell, Allen Bradley, Siemens, Logo, Omron, Koyo, Hitachi, Horner Cscape & Moeller Easy PLC, just to name a few.
Anzec have developed HMI screens in the Rockwell Automation products for Panel Builder 32, Panel View, Panel View Plus and RS View Studio for a wide variety of production machinery including, quarry crushing equipment and conveyors, gas and burner monitoring, furnaces, pump control, water treatment, and more.
Examples of our work are shown below;
Production line with crane hoist and transporter. Allen Bradley Control Logix 5000 PLC with Control Net & Device Net communications and Ethernet comms to an industrial PC running Citect SCADA.
Anzec developed the graphical representation from the original CAD Drawings then colored them and imported into the Citect SCADA HMI software and additional editing was done to animate the movement of the transporter up and down the line and the lifting and placing down movement of the hoist.
Below is an air blower system represented on a Citect screen
Next we have a graphical representation of a furnace.
Anzec have developed many Allen Bradley PanelView Plus HMI screens for various applications, for example cardboard cutting retrieval system, gas burner monitoring, and more ……..
Below are some examples of our development of the AB Panel View software using the RS View Studio software. Remember these screens are only 4 to 7 inch; we have developed our own graphics to fit quite a bit of information into each screen.
Below is an example of how each text display can be driven by information supplied from the PLC, so you can see we can display quite a bit of information on a small screen. These Allen Bradley HMI screens are not the cheapest however they are cost effective and can achieve good quality graphics if you put the time in. We have used these PanelView Plus screens with trending talking to both Control Logix and Compact Logix PLC.
Below is an example of our password protected engineer set points screen.
Of course these are just a few examples and we can program most industrial man machine interface screens and touch screens.