Anzec Electrical Services can take a simple liquid level controller and add some extra electrical control trickery with it to tailor a solution to suit your needs. We use standard readily available industrial hardened electrical components so you are ensured of reliability.

Chemical Dosing Pumps ~ Level Monitoring

This following example takes the liquid level sensor signal and sounds an alarm buzzer to ensure it gets noticed and the liquid dosing gets topped up again.

Ph monitor and liquid level monitor kit

The buzzer is noisy but we pulse it on and off so it is noticeable but not annoying enough that the operators are not tempted to disable it or smash it. We also display on the small screen display of the Moeller smart relay which level is down and we also take in a PH signal from a PH monitor and run the buzzer with a different buzzer timing sequence and display which tank has the low PH.

Programming Moellar Easy 800

The buzzer can be reset to make it quiet while refilling however it will sound again after 15 minutes if the containers have not been changed.

Monitoring Liquid Levels

Customised chemical container lid has the liquid level probes fitted to it whilst also allowing the chemical dosing pump to draw up through the lid and probe head.

Chemical dosing Liquid Level monitoring probes

Just one example of how Anzec Electrical Services can take simple components and a modest expenditure to make your production process more efficient.