Anzec Electrical Services can tailor an alert siren to suit you specific needs. It could be a timed alarm that triggers a lamp, siren or buzzer. The triggering can be as simple as a dial set timer or it may be more complex taking other events into account.

Timer Alert Lamps

This following example shows a dial set timer that shows a green lamp when the timer has timed out.  This particular unit was installed in a highly corrosive atmosphere hence the stainless steel enclosure and protective timer cover. To set the timer running just press the green button and to cancel/stop the timer press the red button, simple but quite useful for operators who are easily distracted.

Alarm Timer Box Electrical controls

Timed Alert Sirens

This job required 4 timed sirens and each siren had to have a different audible sound and it had to be loud enough to overcome the back ground factory noise level so that the operator could hear it from the other end of the factory.  They were to be installed in a chemical harsh environment where operators are hard on their equipment too.

Alarm Sirens on preset timer adjustable by operator

We supplied these units as a standard 240Volt plug in to a normal socket outlet so they can be move around the plant as their needs change.

We trust you can see by now that we do NOT try to piece together cheap rubbish domestic electrical components and palm them off as being OK for industrial use like some backyard spark's do for the cheapest price. The cheapest parts do not last long at all and it is usually not that much more to do the job properly anyway.