Machine & Plant Operators
Electric Motor Control Panels

Anzec Electrical Services preferred work is industrial. We have over 20 years experience in circuit design, component selection, and control panel manufacture.

A control desk is often still the simplest way to lay out machine controls for plant operators so it is easy for them to understand. We have found many operators are scared to use computer screen controls because they are afraid of doing something wrong. If you have low skilled operators, then a control desk maybe a better option.
In reality though in most cases a combination of PLC controls and conventional push button controls usually is what is required, like the one pictured above.
No job is too big or too small for Anzec, from small motor starter boxes to large motor control panels we have done the lot. Direct on line starters, soft starter, variable speed drives and customized applications for process control solutions.

Sometimes a complete replacement control panel is not that practical so we can provide a drop in gear tray and a control panel door that is pre-fitted up with all new components and controllers, all tested ready for a change over day. This can save considerable down time on a machine upgrade. The following photo is just one example of this work we do, the sheet metal can be custom made so it fits perfectly to the old existing panels.

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