Gas Burner – Combustion Flame Control

Oil & Gas Industry


Anzec Electrical Services has more than 20 years experience in electrical circuits for flame control of gas combustion burners, thermal oxidisers, ovens, flares and more, in the oil and gas industry.
Our experience is in the circuit design to make auxiliary electrical plant work with the gas combustion equipment you designate. We are familiar with the gas code and how to implement electrical circuits using Siemens, Landis & Gyr, LFL, LFE, etc. type flame control devices.
We can take a combustion design from your initial concept to manufacture and commissioning of all the electrical controls. Anzec can produce electrical drawings with the appropriate relay interlock logic from pressure proving and safety devices to interface with the flame controller of your choice. These drawings are of a standard that you can submit to Energy Safe Victoria as your design, under your licence.

Please note that our work is limited to supporting licensed combustion engineers with a type B class licence who develop and design machines that use a hazardous combustible fuel source for heating. We do not have the appropriate type B licence to be able to sign off and submit installations to Energy Safe Victoria.

PLC Controlled Burners
Anzec has implemented several burner control systems that utilise a PLC & HMI interface screen that sit on top of the gas code approved controls to monitor operation and provide detailed alarm and information to assist operators to see more detail and allow maintenance personnel to get to the root cause of a problem quickly.
We have successful control systems operating that utilise the PLC PID logic to control the burner throttle for fine temperature adjustments. The burner management system operates as the master control and the PLC provides monitoring and fine temp control.
Shown above is a Rockwell Automation, Allen Bradley Panel View Plus 400 touch screen displaying an overview of the burner management control system.  Now this screen is on a 4inch monitor so you can see we can fit quite a bit of information into this small screen with the graphics we have developed.
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Anzec is familiar with wiring for hazardous area zones, steel wire armoured cable and suitable glands, explosion proof electrical boxes, safety valves, flame rods, photo electric eyes and the importance of documentation, having wired up many oil and gas systems installed on skids for offshore delivery.