BACK OFFICE & TECH SUPPORT                                                  

Anzec Electrical can provide complete electrical solutions or we are also just as happy to provide specialized back office support to your business.

Electricians with our industrial knowledge are not so common and it may not be viable for you to get a highly skilled sparky on the payroll for just one or two projects so we may be able to assist. Being small, efficient and capable means we can work in with your company on an as needed basis to allow you to complete your project and at a rate that should fit in with your existing arrangements. The advantage for you is that we come fully equipped with the right tools, or software as it may be to do the job, which is much better than going labour hire ware all you get is a bloke to do as they are told.

You could be a plant manager, OEM, machine builder, a mechanical contractor, pump & irrigation specialist, gas & burner manufacturer, consultant, project managers, the list is endless. With the appropriate arrangements in place Anzec would be prepared to work in with other electrical contractors too, should you require our tech support.
It may be that you are just overloaded with tech work and cannot find the necessary skills and experience to get though it all.

We can do as little or as much as you want.

Electrical Tech Support Services

  • Fault Finding in plant & machinery
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Circuit Design
  • Cable loading
  • Electrical CAD Drawings
  • Temperature Control
  • Motor control
  • Variable Speed Drive, commissioning, diagnosis & repair
  • PLC programming & commissioning
  • HMI & SCADA Software programming & commissioning
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