AC to DC converters & battery chargers

Anzec Electrical can repair or retrofit your old rectifiers. We repair the older variac variable voltage type and the Silicon Controlled SCR rectifiers to the newer IBGT transistor controlled rectifiers. We are not just limited to repairs on electro plating rectifiers, we can also look at your fork lift battery charger too, or any other AC to DC voltage converters because the technology is the same and we have the testing equipment and knowledge to tackle things that other electricians won't.

Anzec have successfully retrofitted a locally made SCR control card to imported rectifiers that are no longer supported with service parts or the service parts are just too expensive and take too long to come in.

We can pull down a rectifier and supply a written report on the required repairs for a nominal fee depending on the size of the rectifier.

Rectifier Repairs.

  • Fault finding in plating plant and equipment.
  • Repairs to Silicon Controlled Rectifiers.
  • Repairs to IGBT rectifiers.
  • Repairs to Variacs and transformer type rectifiers.
The following photo shows us testing the output of the rectifier with our oscilloscope to determine the root cause of the problem.
We can also test the behaviour of the SCRs on Silicon Controlled Rectifier under load and with our lamp testing visual aid to test the operation of the SCR control card.
Below is a photo of one an imported rectifier from china that failed and we had to install a new properly resin dipped and oven dried transformer. We also rebuilt the rectifier with corrosion protection to prevent premature failure again.
Another Chinese imported rectifier with a failed transformer, in this one we used a locally custom made transformer that was vacuum resin dipped and oven cured.
We repair all types of rectifiers including older non standard units like these below.
Not only do Anzec repair electroplating rectifiers we can also install them into your plant. Shown below is the modern Kraft modular style rectifiers and dedicated power outlets.